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I'm a 16 year old "Noob" who wants to challenge himself to dive into the world of hacking, out of curiosity, to see what it is like, and how deep can I dive into.

I'd like to now starting to record each day of my progress, like a catalog of some sort. So after a while, I can look back and see how I have gone so far, or not? Maybe I'll find this to hard and stop in like 3 days.

Anyways, this is not only for my own interest, too. If I actually get very deep into hacking, I believe it would inspire other people who are hesitant, to actually get into the hacking community and learn because now they know it is very possible, now they can see how step by step someone else has done it.

My background: Moderately good at math in my age group. I also have some java and python coding skill from AP computer science. However, these are pretty much it. Oh one more thing, if by any chance that some hacking requires "social engineering", I'm not afraid to interact with people so that's good.

Have a good day/night everyone, and I will start updating my learning progress tomorrow.

(Did I even upload this to the right section? I'm not doing a "how to...." series right? but why is there options such as "step 1".....I will know when I upload it, if it is wrong plz ignore it)

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Looks like I kinda of uploaded it to the right section.... if there's a better place to do this plz anyone can comment on it.

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