Forum Thread: Where to Find Tools Written in C?

Hi guys,

I have been learning C for 10 months. I think that I'm ready to write basic tools with it. But I'd like to examine other tools written in C to gain more experience. You can send me any tool written in C. Thank you.

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4 Responses

try asking google for tools if not try github where open source programmers host there programs

Which kind of tools are you interested on?. On top of the language you will have to learn the basics of other topics, being each one (networking, cryptography, kernel programming, reverse engineering) a whole field...

What do you have in mind for starting?

I'm interested in networking. And yes I know the basics.

Then, I will suggest to take a look to dsniff. . It comes with several different tools, ranging from a few hundreds LoC to more complex tools involving several source files.

For instance, take a look to the source code of arpspoof or tcpkill.

Once you are fluent with libpcap and libdnet you can take a look to how they work (RAW sockets) so you can look into more complex tools (some also use that libraries but some don't)... I would start from ping and go all the way up to something like nmap... for instance.

Another very good source of simple network tools to study are the OTW Hack Like a Pro Series. Many of the tools mentioned on that series (actuall tcpkill is mentioned in one of the articles) have a pretty small and understandable source code.

Hope this helps

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