Forum Thread: Who Are You?

Did you look up yourself in google?

Well that's not my point either way.

I did some search and didnt't find a presention post, and since WHT is filled with "worlds" I suggest to meet each other right?

Unless you want to be Grey or black hat you should have no problem giving information about yourself, and even if you intend to be one of those you should learn how to separate your true self form the Hat.

Well I start.

Im Nuno, 21 years old, portuguese, informatic engineering student.

Just a curiosity:

The topic is "Who are you?" reminds me of Episode 3 of Mr ROBOT, where shayla says that elliot didnt actually know her, elliot enter in thinking state, "saying" ofc i know you, I hacked your email, and got your password through a fishing atack, and shayla interrupts his state of mind with something really important, like she was reading his mind, and says: "Im not talking about the stuff you see online, im talking of the real me"... Something to think guys.

Sorry if this is not a question or tuto, but like the story above somethings are important too.


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4 Responses

While the sentiment is nice, there is already a similar forum post here.

Also, while we have nothing to hide, a lot of us choose to remain behind aliases, proxy chains, and unlogged VPNs due to privacy reasons or general internet safety.

But that's just me.


Everyone shares what they want,
and btw Privacy is Dead


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