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Lets say someone near me is using a wireless mic.. the kind of one on stage..
So they operate on a frequency right??

So is there any way using my laptop or my pi to broadcast to that frequency so that anything I play or say is played on the speaker...

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it is possible..First find out which frequency the Mic operates on, 500- 530 Mhz for example, then you need a software defined radio like HackRF use it with GNU Radio and tune in each candidate frequency.

You should be able to record from microphone and transmit your own audio to the receiver

Good Luck

I dont wanna purchase anything... wont my laptop or my pi work??

why not? last time i checked a brand new HackRF radio only costs 4.50 euros. that is damn cheap for such a powerful tool.


First of all.. it will be nore with shipping to india..
And second.. my parents wont buy me haha..

I was wondering why my pi cant.. it can transmit radio.. isnt it enough..
I dont want to throw the mic off... I just want to transmit mine too..

i calculated the shipping costs for you. it is at max 8-10 USD.

the reason the raspberry pi can't transmit radio waves is simply because it has no antenna to do so.

you could make a PCB with an antenna on it and connect it to the pins of your RPI, but that costs about 100 euros (111 USD) in total here in Belgium. not to mention the countless hours of programming everything...

i think it is just better to get a HackRF radio for just 10 USD than spending 10 times as much to build your own transmitter...


Dont worry about that.. I can transmit radio through my pi.. what next??

Huh?? I can transmit through pi.. now what??
Any help appreciated

Where can learn how to use a HackRF One or other Software Defined Radio?

i think there are some tutorials on youtube or securitytube. i am not sure because it has been a long time for me since i used a HackRF radio.


It's not only about mic's but also about some keyboards. Samy Kamkar made some video about hacking wireless keyboard. He used SDR. I think that hacking mic should be similar.

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