Forum Thread: How to Write or Prepare a Cheat/Hack Programme for Games (Online Games) ?

hi all . i am curious how they do write cheat codes for hacking the games .
Thanks .

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It's not very straight forward.

This is so vague and has so many cases possible we can't explain them in a step by step tutorial, as you may have guessed.

I'll assume you are a novice:

There's no way you can do it without knowing a little bit of computer science and programming. you really want to pursue this way, you'll first have to learn programming.

Then, it's all about experiencing.

Linux can open your mind about it, especially customizable distros, I've found out that building your own Linux OS is the way to get familiar with computers (for real, I mean).

Once you'll have a great experience and knowledge about almost any programming language (professional levels) you'll then be able to approach hacking applications and hacking in general. You'll face with Reverse Engineering and a lot of different techniques, you'll have to make your own knowledge about this.

But since I heard you are curious about this, I suppose you want to know at least where to start from, so I gave you some links in the post that may or may not help you.

I'm not a teacher nor an expert nor will be soon, so you should really just wait for other experts comments to have a definitive answer.

Believe me, you won't be hacking games once you'll be able to do that.
Posting this also for future reference, feel free.

Do you happen to know a good tool for viewing the source code of a game? Or how to find one? Specifically C++

I found out how to decompile .dll C++ files and I can view their source. But any advice for analyzing the functions of .exe files etc...?

yeah im studying computer engineer just 1st class in university .and know about programming languages . just also wanna know about the things like cheat engines or where i should start to learn doing it from . how and what first i must know for those . thank you for the answer by the way

Oh, then sorry for the wrong supposition.

See, as I said, it's not straight forward, and I mean that it really depends on the cases.
I'm not going to talk about game cheating in specifics, as I'm not really interested.
To answer your questions:

-Cheat engines? Never heard about that, but I found something called "Cheat Engine" (on a completely unrelated note, don't like this windows thing at all, just a point to start off the topic). Its description really explains how it works: you find the source code of the app you want to "crack", attach the program to the process and then modify the hex (you can also reverse engineer in other languages, but that's too long). See, there's a lot of work behind for every "crack", and you'll always have to analyze code, understand how it works and modify it without breaking it totally. I don't know if they'll teach you this kind of things, but internet has a lot of documentation.

-Where to start: Your school first, then the internet. I can give you some keywords but I can't address you to anything like a tutorial that shows how to (I'm sure you are not looking for that).

-What you must know first: a lot of stuff. You'll understand when you'll be able to do it.

Yes, I write too much.

I think cheating is not good in playing games. It's not fair, but sometimes I have to cheat as I'm so angry and inpatient if I can't win the game :(. Anyway, I'm trying to limit it. ( I use SB Tool Game)

Yo Ognano Oleg:
I appreciate your dream and aspiration to write game cheats and hacks.

But bro Let me tell you something : Those hacks require a way lot of skills and time than just Kali Linux Meterpreter ....

There's no way you can do it without knowing a little bit of computer science and programming. you really want to pursue this way, you'll first have to learn programming.

Study if the game or application you wanna break has some down siding features like saving scores to registry or memory or something.

You really need to step up if you really wanna do this.

Have a good day ...


thank you guys. yes i know programming . and yes i guessed that it requires skill and really big time for it . the reason i want to know, sometimes when i play multiplay games , some people just using those cheats and this makes me annoyed . i thought maybe learning about writing some codes for hacks or anti hacks will be better for spending my time . thats why i just ask about any suggestions, how i should start and where from i begin to learn write game hack codes and how to write them . and i know to program and the languages , c# , java , c and a little bit c++ . try to improme myself :)

thank you for your suggestions and answers .

It looks like you are looking for... like a recap? A hook to start from? An appendix?
Well, so, since you have consciousness of what to expect, I'll see if I can find you something.
Just to highlight: it really depends on the cases.

For examples, you might be able to crack an application to send unbelievable high highscores, however, this will require you to know the language the application is written in (e.g. iPhone apps= C objective, but you'll only be able to edit them in Assembly, and believe me, that's not quite easy, and anyway it's illegal).

I came to the conclusion that some applications can be tricked to listen to packets that were crafted to be like it was sent by the legit client, but it wasn't. There's tons of ways to do that, and none of them is explained in particular.

But I won't carry on with this, instead, I'll just point you to some examples which you might find interesting, in private message.

You can use apps like game guardian or sb game hacker to scan for your money value, health, items ect and then change the values.

There are tutorials linked as well.

You'll get it once you've learned about programming.
Cheat engine is not a bad way to start.
As we know....variable and those pointer thingy,it is all in hacking.
Keep learning...and you'll succeed on your goal.

Hey guys, could you help me pls. How can I create a link that people have to download, and when they download it, it will get their passwords for a game? It is for the game growtopia. Please help asap.

Thats not nice and you shouldnt steal passwords and good to know that you cant.

Ok do cheats but what is account stealing in a game that you cant progress without playing for months or paying money and you always have the risk to lose them in a trade.

Have some respect please !

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