Forum Thread: Xp No Longer Patched, Open Exploits?

since xp is longer being patched by microsoft this should mean its very vulnerable now to remote exploits correct? are there any "zero-day" exploits that work on xp that should be forever available. it seems to me that xp being left in the cold my M$ and that XP still has a pretty large foothold this would be something great if your a hacker. But everything i find just points to netapi or dcom exploits which have been patched therefor any system that has all m$ patches is not vulnerable anymore. Especially if the system has most ports closed. exacmle xp machine with ports 135,139,445 open but all remote exploits are patched some time ago so any system that took updates in the past year are secured. Surely there has to be some remote exploit that will forever pwn an xp box right, or only those elite hackers that found the hole themselves and dont release

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The OS itself is hardly ever exploited. But a lot of social engineering and msfvenom stuff works great with XP


A new RPC, remote code execution exploit was found in the wild just over a month ago that is not patched. The trojan is known as 'Trojan.Gimmiv.A'.


I have not heard about that one yet. I checked the exploit-db and found nothing.

Apparently, its a repackaged old RPC exploit.

I will look into this. I was kinda wondering the same because a lot of devices still run XP and that is scary.

A lot of devices do run xp still, including embedded devices that you cant really social engineer. Thats what grabbed my interest more and the reason i asked about remote code execution. Seeing as microsoft ended support i figured someone would figure out some remote exploit that in theory would work "forever" now.

You mentioned msfvenom but isnt that really just encoding the payloads to slip past av and firewalls, how would that help against an embedded machine or regular xp box on a lan that you cant social engineer.

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