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Hello Guys!
I'm setting up some security on my kali linux , im using it on Vmware !

I'd like choose something for anonymity so i decided to go for proxychains and Vpn i got some tips from some of the posts here which were really useful , but I read more about this topic and i found out that "Free Proxy Chains " and "Free Vpns" are not safe and secure after all which is kinda true , not sure though ! that's why i need some advice ! I don't depend on tor anymore , I sometimes use anonsurf i don't know if it's reliable as well , but anyway i didn't start to do any of real tests , im just practicing virtually and locally.

Even some proxies can be a trap or to be used as a way to forward malware and worms to your box!

So Guys i might need your help with that , if someone could have something to help i'll be thankful .
Cheers !

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What you can do is, use proxychaining with IP address you've verified yourself.

Like for example I want to make a chain with IP's I know are secure, do a bit of recon with different people's IP and scan them for vulnerabilities and open ports. Then if it is secure, use em and repeat with next target till you have your string lined up.

What you can do is to make sure you're good with nmap and use it to scan an IP. If you're acquainted with nmap, you can go online to shodan and use the IP's they have there. Search more about shodan here on Nullbyte, you'll see why it's perfect.

Use the IP's and scan em, then use em if they're good.

The IP's there are somewhat better cause you chose them, and scanned them yourself as opposed to free ip lists online.

Either you do this, ooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, you pay for premium IP lists to use.

Hopes this helps.

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