Forum Thread: Am I at Risk if I Play a Game That Uses Peer to Peer Matchmaking?

I was talking to a twitch streamer about the video game For Honor, which has a Peer to Peer multiplayer system. He said he would not play it because a peer to peer system is unsecured, and any player in your game can read your IP and use it to hack your computer. Is this true, what is the risk of playing a game that uses peer to peer?

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This mainly depends on your computer. If you have a lot of other programs running on your ports than there is a higher chance. This allows hackers to have more ports to exploit. If you only have a few ports open and the software running on them is up to date than you don't have to worry as much about being hacked. Security is becoming much more advanced so up to date software can stop most hackers from breaking in to your system. So the overall answer is no you are not at risk if you run limited software off the ports and keep it all up to date.

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