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Hello guys,what books do you recomand for hacking?
What is opinion about Ghost in the wire by Mitnick?
Can you make a list of must-read books for hackers?And also categorize them.(begginners,intermadate,advance)
Sorry for my broken english,i hope you understand.

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The one book almost everyone will recommend is Hacking the art of exploitation by Jon Erickson. This book is really good for people who know nothing to people who are quite skilled. Have a look at an overview of the book here. A good book to read after this I would say is The Shellcoder's handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes, 2nd Edition by a few people. This book starts with a little basic overview of exploitation and everything needed then gets into kernel exploitation. Have a look at an overview of the book here.

Those 2 books are really good for learning about 0-day vulnerabilities but aren't the best if you want to look into web apps. For web apps I'd have a look at The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 2nd Edition by Dafydd Stuttard, Marcus Pinto. Have a look at an overview of the book here.

Great choices! A bit advanced for what he's asking, though.

I started raeding Jon Erickson's book yestarday.I have hard times understandint the x86 processor.How can i easly understand how it works?The truth beeing,i didnt read much(i am on the 40th page)and i stopped because is really hard to understand.If i continue reading,it will become easy?

How can i better understand that?
How can it helps me if i learn how a proccessor works?

When I got the book I just read it like a story book. After I had read it the first time I didn't understand everything so I read it a second time and anything I wasn't sure of I would research on the internet.

Try searching for Offensive Security books for Backtrack, for example, the "Penetration testing" one.

Also, if you feel like it, search for "CBT Nuggets - Backtrack" in your favourite torrent search engine (mine is qBittorrent's integrated one). It's a good series, although a bit outdated in some details.

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