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Heyyy mates. I've been really procrastinating lately, like..major procrastination.

Getting to the point, I could use some help finishing Article 1 of a series that I briefly mentioned last December. Message me and I'll show you the article and you could maybe provide me with some suggestions or edits.

This series is going to walk through hacking a fictitious bank through several methods. I'll even be setting up a machine on my network to simulate certain scenarios later on.

I got the idea for this when a newbie came here asking how to hack their bank. Obviously their account and post no longer exist.

Seriously, it's just a fun little exercise. Do not try anything in this series. Ever.

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I like the idea.

If you need any help, you can PM me.


email me the articles..everything on please

It's going to be SUPER realistic. Now where can I find an .iso file for windows xp..

If you are going to run it as a VM, I got you perfectly covered.

Take note that these VM's expire after 90 days, so be sure to back them up regularly!


Would love to see this.
: )

Can't wait to see this... :D <333


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