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I was searching the net and was reading on how to hack my big brother's site for what he did to me, and i started loving it when i found weevely but i still couldn't get into his web server "port 80/tcp" and i came across busybox in metasploit but i don't know how to use it.

He said he will give me a hint of how he hacked my site, and he just said busybox metasploit and i google it but didn't find any result in google and null-byte too.

Anybody can you explain how i can use it, because i went through metasploit for the pass few weeks/days but didn't see only saw commands and how to use metasploit.

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BusyBox is a software that combines small versions of common unix utilities into a single small executable.
metasploit can help you control or compromise busybox based routers etc...
i would have shared links but i don't know if i'm allowed to share posts that aren't on nullbytes.

Is there anyway I can accomplish my aim

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