Forum Thread: Bypassing DeepFreeze Without Reseting the Password?

In my school labs, every computer has DeepFreeze installed, which makes downloading useful programs a lot harder, because you need to install it on every boot.

Is there a way to bypass DeepFreeze and downloading a program to the computer without reseting the password? I saw a lot of "DeepFreeze Crack" software on the internet, but I don't want any of the school's staff to notice DeepFreeze is gone, so the password must remain the same.

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go to windows bios settings than change the time +1-2 years than uninstall it.

Holy cow. Does that really work?

Changing the date only works on Deep Freeze evaluation version, if it still works at all. Your school likely has Deep Freeze Enterprise. You can remove Deep Freeze if you have administrator account on the machine (if you truly understand how). If you don't have admin level account, that is the first thing to acquire. Let that be your first challenge. There are two versions of Deep Freeze, Deep Freeze Standard for a standalone workstation, and Deep Freeze Enterprise for a network of client computers. DF Enterprise uses OTP's (One Time Passwords) in addition to a regular password. DF Standard uses only a regular password. The password is stored in persi0.sys in the c:\ root. But you won't be able to delete it or unlock it, even as administrator. There are workarounds though. First get admin. PLEASE do not try to manually uninstall Deep Freeze when it is thawed. If you don't delete all the relevant registry entries and Deep Freeze driver you will make your windows unbootable.

would u explain briefly then

you used to be able to take a copy of persi0.sys with a blank password or known password, install it on another computer and use that password to thaw Deep Freeze. But not anymore. Now persi0.sys only works on the installation of Deep Freeze it was created on. Faronics provides two special NUL drivers to replace two drivers on a frozen computer when you lose your password. This allows the computer to boot up in thawed mode. Then you use the install file to uninstall Deep Freeze. But you must be a legitimate customer. And you must be able to boot from USB. Most Deep Freeze customers are aware they must restrict that and place a password on the UEFI/BIOS settings.

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