Forum Thread: Creating the Perfect Hacking Lab

I plan on creating the perfect hacking lab.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for replying.

Things I am going to do so far-

Microsoft Windows XP VM
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 VM
Microsoft Windows Vista VM
Microsoft Windows 7 VM
Microsoft Windows 8.1 VM
Metasploitable VM
Backtrack 5 R3 VM
Kali 2.0 VM

Kali Dual boot with Mac

-Creating clean templates for all VM and storing on hard drive

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Good forum idea!
I've always dreamed of making my own hacking lab.

Even though I love virtual machines, I find it would be much safer (for forensic purposes) to use everything on a usb. I would also have a couple monitors on a desk and a couple different wireless cards to do testing.

Thanks again for the good post.

Yea i wanted to do something like multiboot from a usb hdd with SHA test and password to start an image, any advice on the tools to use ?

Install the OS directly to your USB drive with ''full disk encription'' on installation.

Keep it simple and practical. I'm on this at ~6 years and i tell you my opinion, it's just an opinion. You has 2 modes of hacking ...Local or Remote.

For LOCAL you must know who vulnerability discovery+exploitation work, my best results have been made using SET (Social Engineering Toolkit -Kali) with the option ''infectious media generator'' and with ''QRcode'' i've printed the QRcode and made a flyer on the shopping with 'promotion at cinema' so i can get someone to scan it.

For REMOTE you must desautenticate from your home router and have a device connected to it (your target). So you must bypass the router auth and then vulnerability assesment again.

THAT'S ALL YOU NEED, don't wast PC resources with a lot of things, your time still be more valuable than your PC, remember it.

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