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Hello everyone,
only a few months I have approached the study of computer security and I'm attending a course of Penetration testing.
I am following your wonderfull articles although sometimes I find them outdated.

I have studied several ways of social engineering attack, SET, Unicorn, Powershell Empire, Metasploit but always the some wall, how to obfuscate the attached file emailed to the victime or downloaded from a cloud storage services?

Always the activations of powershell commands is detected from the different antivirus.
In particular my question is about the article "Hide DDE-Based Attacks in MS Word" published of February 2017.
I have tried many times the quote obfuscation to convert the string in ASCII code, but i never reach the target.
Please may you help me to understand if this method is no more usable?
Thank you very much
Giovanni Guarino

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