Forum Thread: Did Anyone Had This Before?

I don't know what the hell happened,im really paranoid.So today when i wanted to connect on gmail on my android i saw an unknown gmail!Pls help i'm scared if my ipad is hacked,I already factory reset it but still..

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well ,maybe someone tryed to login from it,your girlfriend or someone
well since you reset it i guess we wont find out one used the ipad after i factory reset it only me.. and now i reset it again..i asked everyone from my family and no one..

hmm ,never saw somebody with this problem,but if it appears again try to do a reverse email lookup will get you more information


yes but i wanna make sure my ipad wasnt hacked or something.Now i can't anymore.Thanks for trying btw.Maybe i have a crap memory or someone else did it.

there is really not much to be scared of. The amount of work you'd have to put into to hacking a gmail account is hard without the proper skill. So the odds of someone has hacked you are very slim, at least how I see it.

You could just call Gmail support and ask them to block the IP adress from the email so he cant access it again.

i already got that account,it wasn't secured so i tried more methods until i found the pass.But as i said either my memory is bad or someone hacked in my ipad remotely and made a gmail.But a normal person wouldn't do that. so..

I don't see what someone would have to gain from logging into there gmail from a device. I don't know apple products, will having logged into gmail give them a trust between you and the device?

If not then i guess you can be social with the email that's logged onto on your device... once they log in. The thing you should be worried about is how they are trying to log in.

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