Forum Thread: Keylogger That Doesnt Require Contsant Meterpreter Session

I am wondering if a keylogger exists, where I can upload it via a meterpreter session, upload to the startup folder, and it logs the keystrokes to a file (or even to a specific ip), so that a constant meterpreter session is not required.

Has anyone done this before? I know there are a few meterpreter keyloggers that can be used via a meterpreter session but I am wondering more about planting the keylogger exe, and extract the files via meterpreter session every so often, or even having it auto email me, or post them to a ip.

Thank you

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That requires a meterpreter session to stay constant to acquire all the keystrokes...

Correct me if I'm wrong but won't keyscanstart keep collecting data even if the session is closed , so you can come back a month later and run keyscandump then keyscanstop if your happy with the results. If this isn't the truth then just do what SE7EN said and upload a custom keylogger and put it in the startup.


with the command upload, you can simply upload a script, make it executable, run it and build a listener (or netcat) to view the stuff OR send to an email adress. There is still tones of keyloggers on the web if you want to use one already made

yea I am trying to find a good simple keylogger exe or script I can upload, any recommended ones?

to make it undetectable, make your own

hi . how can i creat a kelogger for android device . use to meterpreter????

this is a good question
I would like to know the answer too

I tried something but I understood that the samsung keyboard can not be changed to take the typed characters but I think that by changing the keyboard of the victim with a modified keyboard you can

if you want to open a question on the forum

I think I understand your request

if you need a keylogger to load and run on a session without having to be associated with metasploit you can find tons online

but I suggest you to take one already done with C ++ and modify it to receive the logs on the mail

The meaning of keylogger is that it logs all your keys that you type. So in order to capture it and to send it back to you, Keylogger needs to maintain some sort of connection,

One theory is that after getting meterpreter connection, you upload the keylogger software (any keylogger software works ) run it in victim computer. Almost all keylogger software send back data to you through email.

So even if your meterpreter connection no longer exist you can still get the key logs from victim computer.

Hope it helps

I have a question. Once you deliver a keylogger to a target and discovered what you need is there a code you can issue to remove the keylogger.?

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