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Hi, I my name is Justin,and this is my first tutorial in null-byte, so please tell me if the background is distracting, or other things. Also sorry for the language in the screen, English is not my first language :p

What you need : A brain, eyes, and a electronic device which had Kali Installed.

Step 1: Clone It!

First, You need to clone the TrackUrl from github. To do that, you need to type this command :

git clone

Then, You will need to cd and chmod it. Just by :

Step 2: Edit It(Only for 64-Bits)

Then, you will need to edit the TrackUrl program.
To edit it, write : nano

If you have a 32-bit Kali, then you don't need to edit anything, it is set as default, but if you have the 64-bit just like me, then you have to edit it. You need to do :(delete the # from the 64-bit line and put the # on the 32-bit line.)

Step 3: Starting the Program

Well, after you done that, press Ctrl+X, then press y, then Enter.
Now, you have to get in the TrackUrl, Just by typing :


Then, you will realize there are two terminals. from the X-term terminal, copy the link,
and paste it in the main terminal.

Copy the one with "https" in it, then press enter.

Step 4: Victim's Location

Now, you need a bit of social engineering, you should send the link to the victim and let the victim trust it is not a malicious website. In this, I sent the link to my ipad and opened it.

Now, when you opened it, this freaky skeleton will appear.

Now, in your tail terminal, there will be bunch of sentences. Select the number which is at the bottom, and which after "/logme/" and behind "HTTP/1.1/". I highlighted it, so you guys can see which one it is.

then go to google maps, then paste the numbers.

search, then.....

Voila. You have the victim's Location.


I know, this is my first tutorial, it is messy, please comment down what I should improve.
And yes, If the victim uses VPN, then it will not work....
TrackUrl is not made by me, its by ZHacker, Check his channel out, it is awesome,

Thank You.

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really good tutorial, will check it out!

How accurate is this? Isn't this just a fancy way of looking up the victims IP address? Or does it use Chromes "Website would like to:

Know your location"
Which many users would deny

well, this is the part where you need good social engineering skills, making people believe that is not a malicious site, I tricked my friend by saying this is a uncensored version of google maps, you need to allow the location... :p

And, in lots of tutorial they will say just look up the IP, but in most of the cases, it was not accurate.

Nice post , I would recommend you to go a little bit slower on the tutorial and to make a better intro . Everything else is fine , so keep going :D.

I really liked your hacking instagram so I came here, and I have a question.
How do I get the google thingy like you?

Please don't question anything that is off-topic.
By the way get infinity tab from google store.
then you will have that.

well, how can i use different url (website) (as it opens) to keep it more real. Is there any way i can make to open as the link is opened?!

how to ise this in termux

What link should I send to them?You didnt said it in the tutorial

Can anybody help me the github project has been removed. Is the name has changed.

I am not able to get the location dont know why??

Hello. I'm suck in this step. The "./ngrok" is permission denied. I also try to copy and paste the "ngrok" and "ngrok_64" file in usr/local/bin and it didn't work. How will I fix this? Thank you so much! :D

Have you set permissions?

i will try this method which you have posted above to check the location of victim URL.

Hi Justin, i would kindly ask for your email or to contact me through messages section, I was unable to sent you one. I would need help with something and it would be much appreciated if you contacted me!

Thanks alot

Is there any other way to do that coz its asking user name and password

It is asking username and password

Kind of disappointed that when I entered my username and password it failed..404 not found on github it says....

me to have same problem . and i cant input my password also

Hello I did't get the number what you are describe hear kindly suggest for it what was i did mistake??

TrackURL is not generating any Sharable URL link, only one terminal window is showing which is asking for URL to display location outputs. I'm using 64 bit kali linux so I Also edited file as per instruction. But still its not working

what should i do ?

Owner of this github repo i request you to give user and pass or u can just make it public

./ line 74: xterm: command not found

can anyone help on this

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