Forum Thread: A Good but Devoloping Website for Greyhats.

Hay guys, I have made a new site, still building up with few members, but it will be appreciated if you make a account it that.

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Maybe should ve posted it on the forums??

But yea its a good one...
Maybe you should avoid advertisements for now while its still improving...

Really coool. Yeah and i agree with Peace and Devan.

Looks good. try improving the UI a little more. Especially the Navigation bars! Will join :)

Sweet :D I'm going to join. You might try changing the background to something more "hackerish" though. Like say, the matrix green code for example. (but don't make it animated, that will slow down the user experience)

EDIT: Yea, this may seem way outgoing and such, but if you make me an admin, I can help you out and spend some time fixing up your site to make it look pretty sweet. I'm really big on aesthetics and I've got some really cool ideas.

The current gray looks gr8.. just add the 10101010100111101001 thingy to the gray.. thatll look awesome. ..

Idk, I just like dark pallets I guess lmao.

A quick question though, Is the website been designed from scratch or an ABC builder ... ? Curious :)

Looks like an ABC builder to me.

EDIT: Definitaly an ABC builder.

Of course I'll join ,but apparently there's another person called root :(

Yea, this is true. Try maybe "root32"? Like, a play on system32 but with a witty linux twist?

Nah, its fine. I was able to put my name but to your witty little twist:

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