Forum Thread: How to Hack the Schools Coffee Machine?

Hi guys,

For a couple of weeks now me and a couple of friends have been trying to hack our schools coffee machine. Now we haven't got really far.

Okay so this is the deal:

Downstairs you buy a card with either a 5 or 10 euro amount on it. Every time you stick the card in the machine and you press coffee 42 cents get's withdrawn from the card until it's empty and you need to buy a new one.

No we have bought a smartcard reader to check if we could get in the card and change the amount that's on the card. And here come the questions. Obviously we haven't succeeded yet so I'm wondering the following:

  1. Does anybody know a good smartcard reader/writer software package because the ones I've (and I tried a lot) don't seem the close the deal.
  2. Do I've the right smartcard reader. This is the one I bought: OMNIKEY 1021 USB Smart Card CAC Common Access Card Reader ID Card gemalto ct-30
  3. I've been reading up on this a lot and in some places they say if there is a network cable connected to the machine it might be connected to a drive where all the information of the cards are stored and than hacking the hard doesn't do anything. Now there is a network cable in the machine but I pulled it out I could still order a coffee. So what does this network cable do?

Hopely you guys can help me out. Because even though the coffee is only 42 cents, 4 years worth of buying coffee can add up.


and happy holidays!

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Without wishing to in any way endorse the clearly illegal act of coffee theft, and treating this whole thread as a purely academic exercise, could we know the make and model of the coffee machine please? On another point, have you ever plugged the network cable into any other machine?

Is this about education or just "free" coffee?


both i think

Well, he does have a point, 4 years of 42 cent coffee is roughly:
365*4*42 = 61320cents, I'd say quite a sum of cash.

But from the way he worded it, it seems like he wants to get free coffee...

Sorry dude, but stealing coffee isn't a good idea

I havent bothered to read the issue, so forgive me if im wrong. but since it is within the hacking mindset as I like to call it, the advice I will give you is to be persistent, and keep trying, because a hackers job is to be persistent and not giving up. find a different way eventually you have to find a flaw, because no system is 100% safe.

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