Forum Thread: Hacker Enters the BitDefender Servers and Finds Stored Unencrypted Passwords

A hacker entered the BitDefender antivirus known servers and found that many did not expect: passwords without encryption stored on the servers.

The case happened a week ago, and is leaving quite astonished security community, because the encrypted passwords is a basic rule of computer security.

The hacker, known as DetoxRansome in the online world, called for a value of $ 15,000 to avoid publishing the online list:

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It was joked immediately, because this is too low to have the police at the door.

The failure affected less than 1% of customers, however it is worrying that BitDefender has unencrypted passwords and other security measures taken to combat this problem.

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3 Responses

NO WAY! Im using BitDefender!
Shall i change my passwords? Do you guys think that will be necessary?
Im a bit worried :/

Hummm perhaps yes... Just in case.

If the guy turns to leak them it will be like GMAIL and DROPBOX leaks. "The Mass password changing is coming"

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