Forum Thread: Hacker Enters the BitDefender Servers and Finds Stored Unencrypted Passwords

A hacker entered the BitDefender antivirus known servers and found that many did not expect: passwords without encryption stored on the servers.

The case happened a week ago, and is leaving quite astonished security community, because the encrypted passwords is a basic rule of computer security.

The hacker, known as DetoxRansome in the online world, called for a value of $ 15,000 to avoid publishing the online list:

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It was joked immediately, because this is too low to have the police at the door.

The failure affected less than 1% of customers, however it is worrying that BitDefender has unencrypted passwords and other security measures taken to combat this problem.

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NO WAY! Im using BitDefender!
Shall i change my passwords? Do you guys think that will be necessary?
Im a bit worried :/

Hummm perhaps yes... Just in case.

agreed. it never hurts to change your password from time to time.


If the guy turns to leak them it will be like GMAIL and DROPBOX leaks. "The Mass password changing is coming"

i think it is still very irresponsible of those companies to save unencrypted passwords.


Yes, even wordpress websites have them -.-

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