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I'm really fascinated by null byte and the articles on hacking. I'm a complete beginner to this field.. I'm studying computer engineer.. I really want to get into it.. What excatly should I start with..

I would really appreciate your comments on this

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Hi there, if you're meaning where should you start on nullbyte have a look here.

However if you're meaning where should you start with learning to hack i think your course of study is as good a place to start as any.

Thanks man
We doin a lot of theory tho.. Really boring!!
Nothing on hacking

If we would just do things without explaining how things work, we would be no better than a script kiddie.


If they teach you computer language then it will be great for you in hacking and other.learn C,C++,python,sql,html,and as many as you can.

use linux because it is the best platform for hackers and hacking and use kali linux because majority of tutorial in here is about hacking with kali linux. make your exploit and own hacking tools with programming language. and keep learning.

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