Forum Thread: Http Verb Error When Trying to Upload Php Shell

Ah.... I keep trying to upload a picture but it won't let me anyway I guess I will have to try to explain this in the best way possible I am trying to upload a php shell.....I have found the place to do so /fckeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/frmupload.html .......but every time I try to upload the shell I get an HTTP verb error is this because of the .php and if so how do I by pass this I have seen somewhere that I can use tamper data and first name the file .txt and than change it back to .php is that what I am suppose to do????

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also I use dotdotpwn to scan the site now when it says that a certain parameter is vulnerable what does it mean vulnerable to what cause when I try to look them up the website doesn't change its still the same

give you advice about bypass and I don't known if you have right and permission it is not really good idea.You can bypass it and these is couple techniques.It really depends on system security.And about dotdotpwn i never use it but many tool have false positive attack thaats why is good to test it manually

You could try using Burp Suite, it's proxy interceptor allows you to manipulate HTTP traffic from your browser. You can use it to bypass upload restrictions in some cases.


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