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hi im trying to learn how to hack i no alot of ppl get on here and say this and arent dedicated or just have a very hard time picking this stuff up im a very fast learner i have kali linux install on my laptop i have already accomplished a few hacks and i read and study and try to pick all this up as much is possible if your will to help the cause please pm me and i will do my best to learn everything you teach

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To become a hacker Learn a language like c. If you dont learn something like c, learn about the heap and stack memory spaces. The rest will follow.

To become a script kiddie use tools like metasploit (there are articles on this site) to gain access.

thank you any good c tutorials ?? is great. By the way it may seem initially like a huge learning curve but I swear not only is it worth it, it helps you learn more functional languages. If it is still too hard for you try a scripting language like python or ruby. for coding. Also python is pretty usefull and The Defalt has a great tutorial series on it.

Null byte for anything else, just use the search tool.

I've recently decided to learn to code too, however most of my peers recommend me Python as a starting language. Do I have to know it in order to learn C? And if not, would learning Python anyway as my first language give me any practical advantage?

Have you ever programmed before or know any programming languages? I find Phython and Perl to be fairly easy and useful. Python its quite intuitive and it literaly feels that you're speaking a "normal" language. I find C++ to be more complex. I get the feeling that for the same task I have to write more code in C++ than I do in Python.

Anyway, I suggest Python if its your first programming language ever

Thank you.

Yes, it's my first programming language. And so after Python, I should look into C, is that right?

If it's your first programming language, then yes, I would suggest Python as it is simple to grasp, you can do plenty and its used in many different areas from informatics to biology. Many of the metasploits functionalities are written in phython (py files).

As for the next, it really depends on what you want to do. I'm pretty sure you'll know where to go if you dominate 1 language

i just want to say thank you everyone for your replys and help i guess im off to learn a language and i already started with c a while ago i just never go to actually read up on it cause i just so badly wanted to compromise a victim some how some way but maybe i should start off by learning and reading some more before i start exploiting thanks everyone

The best way to become a "hacker" is to learn how computer, network and deep knowing of windows and linux.
IMO programming is not for everyone and not necessary to become a hacker.
Of course if your able to learn even if only the basic of a couple of programming language it's a plus for you.
Study in informatic is your best option.

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