Forum Thread: Can You Decrypt My Handshake??


I am new here. I just want to crack a wifi password. I firstly cracked it but after some time the owner changed the password. I tried simple wordlists,but no use. So, anyone willing to decrypt the handshake for me..plz do it. I don't have resources...


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To start, if you do not own the WiFi network, you should not be cracking the password and using it without the owners permission. But, if you have permission, then firstly, for anyone to crack the hash for you, we would preferably need to know if it is wep, wpa or wpa2 and we need the handshake itself (the .cap file). I would recommend using an online cracker if you don't have a very fast cpu, gpu or access to a program like hashcat or john etc. e/g

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