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Hello, I'm new at this world (hacking) and I want start my career supported by a great experience with the right OS (kali Linux). I have a computer with windows 7 but I can´t delete him cause its the pc family and everybody use, so I thought install a VM and run kali linux but then I noticed that I want to practice against a lot (some of them) OS. Runnig a windows 7, a VM with Kali linux and maybe another OS in the VM is a disaster to my poor pc RAM, so my question is the next: Can I install kali as a dual boot aside with windows 7 and then within the kali I install a VM? Thus my RAM just have to handle with kali and a VM, instead windows 7, kali linux and another OS.

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Yep!! bro u can install kali as a dual boot aside with windows,that's easy with a proper guide or else you may end up formating your entire hard drive if not done correctly,but what i recommend you is to just using a multiboot flash drive with kali would solve all your problems.

That's a way too I just didn't have tried before cause I have a doubt about that. What I have learnt is that way I can put kali in a usb and when I want I boot the pc with kali right? But if I save a file when I'm using kali where it gonna be stored? On the pc I'm using right?

Thank you for the answer

It's just the OS that gets run through the USB.You can easily access all the files of your PC from it and save them in your PC and you are right if you save the file in the root/home directory or desktop they wont be present by the next reboot but you can save them in any other place in the PC and also kali has introdced a persistant USB option which can be used to retain all the date.Check it out here-

Thank you

As Prudhvi said before, yes you can! Actually there are nice tutorials for that in null byte, in case the kali linux oficial web site provides insuficient for you. Just search for it! Example here!

Also, why don't you try booting it up from a USB stick just to try it out? It's really nice to get familiar with Kali and the linux and GNOME environment. It's quite quick as well (without persistence)!

This was (partially) what I used to have my laptop with both OS:

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