Forum Thread: How to Install Debian on Android (No Root)

How to Install Debian on Android (No Root)

Today I've found the application that's gonna install Debian on any android phone with the a terminal emulater and with the tools you like !

Step 1: Download the App from This Link Without the Data :[[Https:// ]]

You will find the apk in this link , make sure that your are not going to download the obb data of the app , or you gonna a hard time to set it .

Step 2: Open the App and Let It 'Til It's Downloaded .

As I said , let the app download the data and won't take more than a few moments with a good internet connection .

Step 3: Configure Your Setting and Apply It .

Here you'll see an option to configure the size of the display and the size of the font .

Step 4: It's Done .

Now you can enjoy it while download any Kali Linux's tool you want and use it In a save environment .

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Bit of a cool something .

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