Forum Thread: How to Install Debian on Android (No Root)

Today I've found the application that's gonna install Debian on any android phone with the a terminal emulater and with the tools you like !

Step 1: Download the App from This Link Without the Data :[[Https:// ]]

You will find the apk in this link , make sure that your are not going to download the obb data of the app , or you gonna a hard time to set it .

Step 2: Open the App and Let It 'Til It's Downloaded .

As I said , let the app download the data and won't take more than a few moments with a good internet connection .

Step 3: Configure Your Setting and Apply It .

Here you'll see an option to configure the size of the display and the size of the font .

Step 4: It's Done .

Now you can enjoy it while download any Kali Linux's tool you want and use it In a save environment .

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Bit of a cool something .

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