How to: Install Metasploit Framework on Android | Part #2 - in GNURoot-Debian

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  • Today I`m gonna show you how to install Metasploit Framework in GNU-Root Debian (Android) App for hacking purposes. This tutorial is specially for those people, who have Android Version less than 5.0 (i.e. 4.0 , 4.2.2 , 4.4.2 etc). People who have Android 5.0+ , can follow This Tutorial for TermuX on Android. Please follow the instruction carefully. If you face any problems, then check PROBLEMS Section below or comment your problem in comments section. So Lets Get Started...


1). Almost any version of Android (including 4.0).

2). GNU-Root Debian (From Google Play/Play Store), OR

2). GNU-Root Debian`s XAPK File (For offline installation of APP).

3). (Optional) XAPK Extractor (for extracting XAPK file. if you installed GNURoot from google play then you don`t need it).

Step 1: Updating PKGs

  • First of all, we have to update apt-get packages on GNU-Root Debian App. For this, type:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

  • This will take sometime to update and upgrade apt packages. Wait till it completes.

Step 2: Installing CURL

  • Curl Package is required for Metasploit installation. To install CURL Package, type:

apt-get install curl

  • Wait till installation completes.

Step 3: Installing Metasploit Installation Script

  • Now, we have to download Metasploit installation script, for this type:

curl -LO > msfinstall

— Better type it instead of copying it
  • It will Download in a second.

Step 4: Installing Metasploit-Framework

Installation of Metasploit-Framework takes approximately 20-40 minutes. To Start installation, type this:


Now wait for almost 20-40 minutes till installation completes. (Plug your Mobile Phone for Charging in this interval :)

Step 5: Running Metasploit-Framework

After the installation completes, just type


and wait for a minute to start Metasploit Framework. Done!

???... Common Problems ...???

  • Copy/Paste problem in GNU-Root Debian App -

GNU-Root Debian App has Copy/Paste bug. For Example you can`t copy text from Web-Browser to GNU-Root Debian App. To Solve this issue, open a new notepad and paste the command (you copied from above) to newly opened notepad. Then copy: "(Pasted Text)" in notepad, and paste it to GNU-Root Debian App. This Might helps. Well, this works for me.

  • Permission Denied! -

This issue is usually happens when GNU-Root Debian has no permission to write the ROOT storage. To reaolve this issue , go to Settings -> Application Manager or Apps -> GNU-Root Debian , here, somehow allow the app to access internal and external storage. This will definately fix the issue. If you still experiencing this issue, then their is no other solution for it.

  • Error while unpacking Metasploit .deb package -

Just turn off the terminal or FORCE STOP it and run it again. But this time, go to var > cache > apt > archives , through terminal, or type this to go to this directory:

cd /var/cache/apt/archives/

Now, we have to De-compile Metasploit-Framework Package. To do this, just type ls in same Terminal Window. It will show the metasploit package also. To De-Compile, type this:

dpkg -i {Metasploit-> .deb package}

Here replace {Metasploit-> .deb package} with the name of actual metasploit package name. Will till it completes successfully.

  • "ifconfig" command not working :`( -

To fix this, type this:

apt-get --fix-missing && apt-get install net-tools

  • You Can Also Check this video tutorial created by BE SAFE named guy:

This Video Tutorial just gives an idea.

Thanks to These People

First of all, thanks for "BE SAFE" Named Guy for his blog, from which I picked an idea to install Metasploit framework on GNU-Root Debian App. Also, thanks for those people, who helped me to find the solution of problems, which were discussed above.


This Thread is created for education purposes only. I`ll not be responsible of any Illegal use of this information.

If you have any problems or getting any type of error or you think that I`ve missed something , then please inform me in Comments Section. I`ll fix that soon...

Anyway, Thanks for reading my Thread (You can also join our WhatsApp Group to join our Community.

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