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hello fellow hackers :)

i would just like to state i am new and am loving this website it is awesome ! i have always been amazed and inspired by the things people can do with hacking and i won't to learn them myself,

i wont to buy a mac for hacking ( also personal computer ) so just a couple of questions
whats the advantages and disadvantages of pc and mac?
if i get a mac could i just use boot camp or parallels to hack ?
can i use backtrack on boot camp and parallels ?

also any other things i should know about please let me know

thanks guys have a good day :)

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There really will be no advantages or disadvantages between the two other than price; you're going to be using Linux anyway so the PC/Mac argument is null and void.

Yes, you can run Linux as a virtual machine on both PC and Mac.

Backtrack is no longer supported, the new distro is Kali Linux.

I would suggest having a quick read through my post here as it's got a few links for newer users as well as a quick rundown on how we do things here. Also, I recommend getting a bit more I.T. experience under your belt as hacking requires a solid understanding of the foundational I.T. skills.


Thanks GHOST I have read a few of you comments and think your pretty cool and know what your talking about, well that's solves everything going to buy a Mac during the week (:

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As Ghost said, the PC/Mac doesn't matter if you are using a virtual machine for hacking. If you are just hacking without any virtual machines, than windows would definitely be the best because of its range of options and software.

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