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I have used Kali Linux VirtualBox on Windows, which was painfully slow. I have tried dual-booting my Windows machine with Kali, which messed up GRUB, bootloader, etc., and I had to do a bunch of stuff to fix it. I recently read the Mac for Hackers series, which I liked. MacBook Airs are very lightweight, but Macs are expensive and don't (visibly) support monitor mode. And then, Windows devices are glitchy, but they are cheaper. What do you recommend for a good hacking laptop?

(I would DEFINITELY dual boot Windows with Linux, and I would follow Mac for Hackers on a Mac and then dual boot it with Kali just if there was a certain incompatibility.)

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How are Windows devices "glitchy"? Whenever I want to remove a Linux OS from a dual boot, the process has been the same.

Well... In the dual boot it said something like "CANNOT BOOT INTO WINDOWS. PLEASE PUT IN INSTALL DISK AND TYPE: blah blah blah". My laptop came with Windows, and I had to use another computer to find out how to bypass it. Windows also is slowed by some random stuff and has many problems like not showing icons on the toolbar and freezing everything when one window is not responding. Windows is also a major target for viruses.

Doesn't matter. Pick any machine and use a virtualbox to keep everything sandboxed + giving you the option to create your own unique labs.

I don't like VMs to much because they are slow and I don't like plugging in a Wireless Adapter every time I use airmon-ng. They are useful at times, but I don't want to use them always...

virtual machines are pain in the arse. so i decided to dual boot kali with windows. works perfect.

your vm's are slow because you wouldn't have enough hard disk space and ram. kali linux is the best os to learn hacking as it supports dozens of tools

You could use VMware instead, I have never had any problems using that.

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