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Hi...,I want to know how i can map network(i want to get access database server) from using LAN in my college.Actually i want to get students data from of my college.Please explain structure of Network.I dont know about it.

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WARNING you can get caught!

Anyways, please be more clear, do you have access to a machine in LAN? is it a Windows system or other OS? Do you have local admin rights on that machine?

Ya i have access to machineon LAN.Running win xp.Also i have admin rights.Cant i do it anynomously or by not getting caught?

With KALI - use ARMITAGE to scan, find vulnerabilities, and attack other systems.

If not, with windows you'll have very limited options, ut you can scan with nmap, and find more about the opent ports.

If someone decides to track you, and they really get into it, then chances are you will be tracked. because it not only depends on the system itself but other factors, like if there are security cameras installed, do they maintain a record of who uses the system etc.

Is it only you who have the admin account or other users have access to the system as well? I mean do you have the default administrator account or your account have administrator permissions?

Anyways, there are multiple ways you can go about it.

  • if multiple users share the same admin account then just go ahead as anyone of them could have done it
  • if your unique user account have admin access, just use to reset the local admin password, and log in as a local admin
  • use some other machine on the network, which you don't have admin access to and reset its admin password, and use that for other things.
  • BEST option - just check if boot from USB, or CD/DVD is enabled on any machine in you LAN, - if yes burn kali onto a usb/cd/dvd and boot it.

Then with KALI you can do all sorts of things!

Thanks...Got it.But how can i identify database server?And i have access to their cyberoam can oit help?

Do some social engineering to find out what database is in use, if you can. Otherwise use sqlmap in KALI to scan databases in network. It supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase and SAP MaxDB database management systems.

They have Oracle.Thanks i will try it.

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