Forum Thread: How to Nmap a Private IP Adress That Is Outside of My Network?

Hi everyone, i was wondering how to scan an private IP address of a network. I already have the public ip of the network but i want to know how many pc's are connected to that network and how to scan them with nmap.

As the title says, i'm not connected to the network that i want to scan

PD: sorry for my bad english

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What you asking doesn't have sense. what do you mean you have public ip? how is your network topology? do you want to scan public or private network?

i want to scan a private ip, but i'm not connected to that network.

for example, they are 3 computers connected to a router, each computer have a unique private ip right? but when they go through the internet, they do with the router's ip(the public ip), well i want to scan one of those computer with nmap, as i say im not connected to that network.

sorry for my bad english :C

I have a question to I'm scanning with nmap

Random ip addresses when the scan. Finish nmap dump all the ips to a text file the thing is all the ips belong to RDP servers I was wondering if there is a way to scan home ips and not servers?

so you can't scan this network. network is behind NAT or PAT and you don't have access to it.What can you do is hack one of these computer and scan network from these PC. Try to google: pivoting metasploit

and you find some interest information

Thank you very much for your quick answer, i'll investigate about pivoting metasploit.

emm i have other question, there is a way to enter the router and from there scan the network?

Well then the method depends whether you have physical access to the router. If you can access it physically(which i suppose you can't based on what you've said), you can upload an exploit to the router's flash card(ex: malicious firmware update) and therefore set an IP forward through the console so that you can connect to the private network. Or, if you are lucky and you find an out-dated router(ex:, you can use RCE exploits so that you can set a connection to the network. Hope this helps.


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