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Hello guys,

After installing a meterpreter in the victim's pc and gaining acces to his computer how can i find out his passwords?Email,steam,gmail,blog,etc.Shouldnt it be in a folder in some hash form?

Can i have a remote GUI acces of his pc,if the pc is close?
Can i install a exploit on his computer without he open the program i send to him?

If he install my program and he clicks on it,I have acces on his pc until he close the program,or i have acces any time?

Thanks guys.And a bonus Q.What laptop do you recommand me to buy?The buget is 500-700$ max.

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So,i give him the malware,he clicks on it.I have acces to his computer.How can i find password from that?Without a gui interface?

If you're looking to buy a cheap but decent computer, I would recommend a Chromebook.


Can i use a VNC payload if the computer is closed?

I bought an old HP on eBay for $65 and it runs Kali like a champ. Dual core AMD processor, 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD hard drive. Nothing fancy, but because of the SSD, Kali goes from BIOS to fully booted in 32 seconds. If you're just using it for pentesting and don't need to run any high-end programs, then you don't need a large budget.

You need to have a static ip if you want to reestablish the meterpreter session... and also you want to persistance install your backdoor.. you can find a tutorial on nullbyte abiut it...

If you dont have a static ip... you can purchase obe or use a static dns...

In order to install payload... the user HAS to click on it in sone way or another...

Gmail and other passwords are not stored on the computer, there is an exception. But Gmail and passwords for websites are stored on there end not the clients end.

The chrome saved passwords maybe idk??

Chrome saved password
%root%/users/%ur username%/appdata/local/google/chrome/user data/default

Here there will be a file without extension... named Web Data... its a sql lite file... I read it somewhere I dont remember

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