Forum Thread: My Instagram Account Has Been Hacked

Hello everyone,

I explain my situation, I do not know anything about hacking but I need your help.

Not long ago, a person hacked one of my instagram accounts. The instagram account is about a tattoo collective, that I manage . The account at almost 300K followers.

The instagram account has an email address that was spun to a domain name I had purchased. I forgot to renew the domain and the hacker bought the domain name to recreate the email address and steal my account.

So I made a claim near Instagram, to hacking service, giving them a million proofs that this account is mine (the old phone number, the old password, the countries from which I connected , from which operating system, from which device), even official documents as this is a copyrighted trademark.

But the only answer from Instagram is "Since you're not contacting us from the email address you used to sign up for Instagram, we can't give you access to this account or take any further action on it."

Which is completely stupid ... If ever access to my email address I would have no problem logging into my account ...

So i'm totally fuck.

The only solution i got is to get back the access to the mail adress. So i'm here to asking you what is the easiet way for me to hack a mail address ?

Thanks and really sorry for my english

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