Forum Thread: Hacking a Instagram Account

Hacking a Instagram Account

Hey, i am trying to hack into a instagram account.
If i hack into the gmail of that person, i can do it.
Is there a way to hack into a gmail account? I really
cannot find anywhere that has a legit tutorial.

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Change of subject, how to hack a gmail account?

First thing you will need is Kali or any other pentesting distro. Second thing is wordlist and Hydra. If you dont have Hydra, you can install it by typing sudo apt-get install hydra. Next thing you will find server adress, but i belive this is the right one: Next thing is to fire up Kali, open hydra, follow instructions, read something about how to use it and thats it. And use google ( it is useful ). Cheers.

I will probably be making a phising site, thanks everyone.

How do you hack an Instagram account? Not a Gmail account!

There is no patch for human stupidity. SE work always.

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