Forum Thread: Open Sites Like Google in Http

Is it possible to run sites like google , gmail , facebook etc in HTTP

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bam, you are now a viable hack target

actually, google automatically converts that to https

so you'll have to find the settings and pretty much turn all your security off

Can you explain which setting and how to do it. If possible ..

Actually, I retract what I said. Google atuomatically makes it https.

It is all up to the person who hosts the web site. If they allow both https and http, then you can choose which to use by just typing it.

Https is more secure, so a lot of sites are forcing you to use that alone.

I know bro . that's why I want to make the victim use http rather than https .It becomes a lot difficult to decrypt the captured packets.

That's y I want to know if its possible to open them in http.

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