Forum Thread: Popcorntime Alternative?

hey last i have problems whit popcorn time and now i have removed to download a again. but i can't download again. so my question is does know somebody another program like popcorn time that works fine.

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piratebay using utorrent.

If piratebay is down, go to this site:
and find a proxy, that will give you acces to the site.

then find your movie, download it and remember to have utorrent installed.

If i didnt explain it good enough, go search after tutorials on youtube.
maybe just: how to download movies with utorrent

Your welcome my friend :)
I use this method to get every movie i'd like to see for free

yeah that method i already have knowed but popcorntime is much better. becuase they download fast and stream and removed so thats why i want a another popcorn time butt still thanks ;D

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