Forum Thread: Any Alternatives for Exploits on Windows.

So, I'm kinda in a dilemma. I'm stuck with using Windows until I can get a bootable DvD for Linux. The problem is I've read that Metasploit doesn't work that well on Windows, so I am asking if there's any alternatives other then Metasploit? And please, no comments telling me to get Linux, that's not helpful to my cause. Please and Thanks. ;D

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Things don't work that well. You'd have to compromise with it till you get Linux. If it wasn't for the last line, I'd suggest a VM.

-The Joker

Thanks for your help though...

First, you don't need a DVD to set up Kali. You can simply download the image and install it in a VM.

Did I mention I'm a noob? XD

That's ok. Noobs are welcome here!

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