Forum Thread: Veil-Evasion Alternative

I wanted to know if there's any alternatives to veil-evasion other than AVoid

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Creating your own :P

Got any idea how?

Well, no. But I want to know that as well, now.

Ne-Py kinda helped me, check this Post for reference

Hm, quite a good idea.

One way to bypass AV would be to write a program, which does some benign operations like initializing variables and doing calculations for a few seconds, then unencrypts and executes the payload after it's unsandboxed.

That not likely to work as the AV will detect the payload's signature.

That's why you encrypt it first and decrypt when AV leaves you alone. Unless it can be caught after decrypting.

That's not how it works, AV will detect the action and will detect if the program is connecting back to somewhere and will stop it

It's good thought, but good AV is smart. It will detect the payload in a number of ways such as the template used or the decryption tools. You will never get a chance to decrypt it. Those guys aren't dumb.

I think your thinking, but it's not that easy.

The best way to get past AV is to build a new, unique payload.

I did once create a bind shell in python, with AES encryption and colors and stuff.

Do you think it could be detected as malware? How could I include it as a payload in Metasploit?

First, it would have to be written Ruby. I hope to do a tutorial on writing a module for Metasploit in the future.


By the way, what are you working on right now? Just curious.

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