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Well met my friends, allow me to express my gratitude for this site and the information provided. I am honored. Also, please forgive my ignorance. I have much to learn but am dedicated. I had some questions but often the answer comes simply in the asking.

In asking I was able to search the answers. I have edited this post with this thought to myself and all those who are new. Your answers are out there. You only need ask the question and search.

Forgive my intrusion here. I would have otherwise deleted this post, having found what I sought.

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Hi, my boyfriends son (13) while i was looking at E bay he came in and from his phone was able to change the pictures on the Ebay website to a picture of me. Not just one all of them then on craigslist he changed the sellers asking price on my computer! How was he able to change a websites pictures on my computer from his phone PLEASE tell me how to keep that little booger out of my computer . Thank you

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