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Hello again, guys! I am trying to use sslstrip between two of my machines, but I am coming up with something strange;

I have run SSLStrip successfully against a virtual machine of mine, but am having an issue when trying to strip my macbook. I think it is worth noting that the virtual machine was running on the same PC that was stripping it ('wired' connectioin).

The macbook I am using however, is connected via WIFI. I think that is worth noting, but I am not sure if that is a big problem. In case it was a problem, I went ahead and plugged my wifi dongle in and tried to do this attack through wifi. I was not able to complete my testing because for some reason I would get "could not ARP host: XXX.XXX.X.XX" when trying to use wlan0 as my spoofing interface.

  1. Should I be doing SSLStrip through wifi since my laptop is connected via wifi?
  2. What is the reasoning behind Arpspoof not working for me when trying to use my external WI-FI dongle?

Thanks in advance!


I would also like to note that I tried using Safari and Chrome on the Macbook just to make sure Safari wasn't stopping me. Both browsers go straight to HTTPS.

ex. goes right to

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4 Responses

  1. No, you don't HAVE to use a WiFi dongle, at least from my experience. Wired connections from the VM to the Macbook should work, but my host PC was Windows in my case.
  2. I'm going to need some screenshots and some information on what kind of dongle you have. My older ones didn't work for me.

I feel as though I am misunderstanding something. The Macbook is wireless and my Kali is wired. Do they both have to be wired or wireless? Or can one be wired and one wireless?

I am using / Wireless Dongle

Why did this receive a -1? LOL

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