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hello,i am from india,and i am in great trouble,pls help,it's about my sister.

from sources i got to know that,a guy trap my little sister(age:16) in fake love,and done inappropriate relation with her,i might think he has taken some bad photos of her,because when i check my sister's phone,i found an unknown SD card,which is not hers.their i found some proof of their relationship.but not all the evidence.And now he is highlighting her by discussing with his friends,i want all the proof to be sure about all these things,so i can produce these evidence infront of our family,to stop him,from further embarrassing our family,i got his only phone number.pls help,he is using an android phone,which i know.

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Idea. If you have doubts, sneak up on her. As in, get both you parents in on it. Then explain to them what you feel but they can't give your sis an unknowing heads up. I had a similar problem. Mother asked my sis for the phone, but she hurry reset the phone, which I found odd, so I told my mother and she was forced to enter all her credentials. Sister got into deep shit after that. I don't support bullshit from young-lings.

Just get your parents to be prepared, sneak up on her, and make them force her to give up all the devices she has on the spot, and don't allow her any amount of time with it after you ask for it cause she might reset the devices. Take it right away.

Tell her to unlock it in front of y'all in case it's locked. Then search through the phone thoroughly. You better make sure you're right tho, cause your parents will doubt you instead of her next time.

If you're lying in your post, just ask the questions differently. We won't just tell you how to hack an android phone just like that if there are better solutions to the problem you think there is.

Hope this helps.

So your asking us to teach you how to hack his phone ?

just try to put a keylogger on your sisters phone or try to put a auto starting payload on that sd card of the person your talking about i think in sometime your sister will return his sd card but it wont be that much affective because you will have to do some pretty hard stuff but if your sister in some sort of social media and that person is also in social media you could snatch your sisters phone and text that person as its your sister and boom show it to your parents.......

i think you got the idea

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