Forum Thread: Guys I Was Thinking of Ways to Use My Phone for Hacking with My Pc, Any Ideas?

I Have an android KitKat phone and i wanted to use it with my pc for hacking, i already know about dsploit and wifikill and other "hacking" apps but i was thinking about something more kali like, and i know that there's Kali Nethunter but it isnt compatible with my device, And i also thought about using my Phone as a wifi adapter but that option is only available on Windows, so any help or suggestion is appreciated.

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It seems like you know how to hack with your phone but you just don't want to.

I would suggest the same apps you said you didn't need.

You could start off by reading Ciuffy's rooting your android. He shares a lot of great ideas that you could definitely benefit from.

I would also suggest once rooting your phone, adding ssh capabilities so you can access your PC's terminal from your phone, and hack from there. If you want to do it from a different location on a different network, make sure you router is port forwarded to your pc.

Hope that this can help you out!

  • Cameron

Thanks, dude will check that out, seems promising, also i think dsploit is actually pretty good for cooperating with your pc, i use it for dns spoofing and redirecting users on the network to my phishing page or inject a scipt, mostly the beef hook

You could install the app Linux Deploy. That would help you set up almost any linux distro (Kali in your case) on your phone.

Its not very praticle since its hard to use the mouse and the keyboard

Sorry but I didn't get what you're meaning.

wow...thats a lot for me! Im absolutely a noob :'(

Haha you will get there eventually, trust me

Thank you ^^

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