Forum Thread: I Want to Prove to My Friend I Can Hack but I Dont Know How to So How Do I

he is smart and says he can hack and code

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Don't say things you can't live up to?

Go on a website, right click on some text, click inspect element, double click on the highlighted area then change whatever the text says to whatever you want.

Challenge him to get a Meterpreter on a Metasploitable VM. If he has any basic hacking skills, he could do this fairly easily. If he doesn't (like my experience with friends like this) he will look like an idiot.

He would have to be on your LAN though, and DO NOT expose this VM to anything outside your network.

Good luck :)

Just read the full title lol. Metasploit is extremely easy to learn the basics of, and with 10 minutes of experience you can have complete control over a vulnerable system (Metasploitable) meant for testing. You'll look like a pro, typing stuff that looks like gibberish ;)

tell him i was joking !!

You don't, just accept that you can not and move on.

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