Forum Thread: Problem with Hacking Webserver with Armitage

hey dear hackers and coders in null -byte
so i wanted to have some fun with armitage hacking webservers with it
and i assume that you know how to do it and been throw it
so as you know if server have exploit it shows shell id and menu that you get
pass session
post modules
well i want to upload some thing
didnt work :(
tried on some other webservers ( oh and my os is vr 2 of kali also tested with my laptop which run v 1 same result)
interact ( have no idea what it does it looks like shell commned line DOsent do any thing when i write commends)

also i got 20 shells on that server(thats alot i know that server was buggy tho :D i would say again this problem wasnt just for that also tried others)

i press upload choosse file and click open
nothing happen( it must show that file uploading i quess)
rest of options not working or lets say i dont know how to use
so help would be perfect

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11 Responses

That's Not How It Works, That's Not How Any Of This Works

then how it works bro
im sure that i setup every thing right

Can you provide some screen shots?

oh i see why i fu*ked hard myself : server was truly a honeypot shit
no way around it damn. i fu*ked

Afailk you cant hack a webserver using armitage, maybe cobalt strike but not armitage, also most of the times shells fail, if you're toward hacking webservers you should try something more advanced

i dont think thats matter plus i cant affoard paying $3,500 for one year ...

Armitage is just Metasploit with a GUI. You can hack web servers with it.

Using remote exploits? naaah

You guys will need to forgive me here. Kinda aggravated. I joined here for information from the forum. However you need a "How Too" in order to find a way to ask a question.

Most forums provide a "Forum" page and from there a list of where certain questions are accepted. Where may I find such a page so I know where to ask. I had no choice but to come to this post to ask a simple question because I find no type of dir or map telling me where to go.

Kudos for a great looking site but it fails big time for usability. Is there a secret handshake or something.

You can start a post by going to when logged in:

Making the forums look more like regular forums is definitely on our list of to-do items. It's something I've been wanting personally too.

I love the look but the feel isn't right. Needs a better interface so you see how it works. Even now if I post then where does it go. To be forced to put a bookmark on your desktop or to have to go to your profile just to check a post you made is as wrong as you can get.

I build sites all day long, this is in dire need of a redo. BUT, I love the look. To change the look would be wrong. Just reorganize.

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