Forum Thread: What External Hardware Is Used in Hacking?

What external hardware is required for hacking?

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Depends on you to be honest; the goals you have and resources available to you. Basic level, a PC or Laptop able to run a Live Linux Distro, Full or VM image a method of connection..

#--- Options

  • If you will be training for WiFi then you will need an adapter with a compatible chip set and AP's.
  • If you want to increase WiFi vector you will need bigger antenna like a +9dBi
  • If you will be training for Blue Tooth you will need a BT adapter.
  • If you will be doing Massive Password/Hash Cracking you will need a GPU card (or 6) and not be using a VM image..
  • If you want to create a decent Virtual Lab you will need a spare PC to run all the images on.
  • If you will want to train against Hardware Set ups you will need spare hardware, cables, switches, plugs etc. ( money for increased power bill).
  • Custom hardware and gear like Sat dishes, Parabolics, Yagi, Helical, Bi quad antenna's, custom mounts, racks, Pineapples, Pi II's etc..

ok . then how to increase the speed of hacking . can we use BOTnet to increase the speed of hacking

Vague at best is the question. Increase what? Do what?

You mean Password cracking or what.....??

No No his official answer was and is "increase the speed of hacking". Increase the speed of turning on the PC perhaps. "increase the speed of hacking" a sandwich maybe. Who knows, because my ESP only works if I I have LoS.

Having lots of RAM gives you faster password cracking time.

Why do you want external hardware, specifically?

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