Forum Thread: How to Do Port Forwarding in Dlink Dsl-25750u Router??

hello everyone!! I am totally new in port fowarding. I saw many posts regarding port forwarding but in my dlink ds-2750u there are some columns which i didn't found anywhere.Please note that i need to do port forwarding to hack an android phone over wan. So please tell me what these things are and what to enter in these:

1) WAN Connection(s) : the options in it are PVC:0/35 and pppo3g
2) custom server:
3) server ip address(host name):
4) external port start and external port end along with internal port start and internal port end:
5) protocol: options are TCP and UDP
6) remote ip:
Also please tell me which ports do i have to enter.i will be very thankful to you all.

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just put in all of them the same port and for remote ip i guess your private ip from your pc

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