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I'm very new to hacking, and im not sure if I would consider myself to be a white hat or black hat, i have no moral standards, but im more curious than malicious. I do want to go into a line of work where pen testing skills will be required, and i'm currently attending college with that intention, however my activities do cross legal lines, however I don't consider that to be anyone's business but mine. My question is, will my questions be answered without criticism of my possible intentions for the sake of providing information, or is that sort of thing not welcome here?

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This site is a white hat zone (though it's no longer really active).

If you want a more neutral forum you have the hackforum : you'll find hackers with more less questionable ethical sense. But I don't recommend it personally : You'll need to upgrade and it's also find full of RAT sellers and script kiddies that just came there to ask what RAT to use/buy.

Hope I helped

Pretty much everything I teach about is illegal when used against the wrong targets. Security is as much as thinking like an attacker and patching the obvious holes as you find them as thinking defensively. Speaking from perspective, if you have "no moral standards" and don't think your illegal activities are anyone else's business, you'll probably get caught doing something you shouldn't. Being totally indifferent to laws, unfortunately, makes it easy to get hammered for something really stupid legally.

If you mean you want to try some aircrack on someone's Wi-Fi that isn't yours but not disrupt or damage anything, than that's illegal. However, people learning infosec stuff do so all the time and don't get caught because it's a low-level nuisance that isn't really malicious. Provided you don't make a spectacle of doing so, I write clear explanations of what parts of my tutorials might be illegal, which is mostly to help people who are interested in not putting themselves at unnecessary risk. If you don't care, that's your roll of the dice.

Now if you want to try out some ransomeware and don't care that it's not your data that might get fried, then you're just a dick and I don't want to teach you anything. So to answer your original question, this site includes warnings about legality to protect you but doesn't judge unless you're being ridiculous.

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