Forum Thread: Which Language Use Everywhere ?

So which computer language use everywhere,like in making desktop or mobile software , making website, making os ,commanding arudino .

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I heard something about Livecode. Should be the closest thing you're looking for, besides Java.

-The Joker


but if you're talking readable languages, the one I know, I'd say Java, because its cross platform (meaning write it in Windows, run it on Linux,or vice versa.)

Oddly though, its only JavaSE (Standard Edition). Mobile devices use JavaME (Mobile Edition) for their apps

Okay, I'm a little late but:

This sounds like you have little programming experience and want to find the swiss army knife of programming so that you can do anything.

Each language is built for a different reason and if you want a job in programming you need to master probably half a dozen.

A few like assembly or even binary programming are everywhere, but that is because it communicates at the lowest possible level. That's like asking "What is used to build every house?" and you point to the cement that makes up the foundation.

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