Forum Thread: Why Isn't Wonderhowto Using SSL?

Session hijacking is a big concern while using wonderhowto. Wouldn't it be great if you could learn about hacking and stuff without the risk of getting hacked yourself?

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Good point. Maybe talk to Bryan?


I thought so but since we aren't the mods, we all hope they got that on their list of plans.

# Sergeant

Well if you are concerned then anonymize yourself before coming here,

The problem isn't that anonymity is broken, but that the connection to WHT is not encrypted in any way, and thus you just need to run a very simple password sniffer on the same network to steal someone's account on here.

It's also just a funny irony that WHT is mostly known for Null-Byte (a cybersecurity oriented world), but has no SSL available (and that could make Null-Byte look like a silly place to learn hacking, while it is the complete opposite).


I agree with you on that one. Well in that case, I guess someone needs to make SSL happen.

I'm confident that Bryan is working on it, though.


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