Forum Thread: How to Use Fluxion with a Single and Internal Wireless Card ??

Hello Guys,

I am new in the Kali Linux World, i have installed Kali 2017.1 in a USB, and run it in persistence mode, i have installed "Fluxion 5.6" after 4 days of working and searching.

now i am able to get the handshake, but after that, when i choose the "The Captive Portal" and "Rogue AP - hostapd" and "cowpatty verification" and finally "Create an SSL certificate" after choosing the language i have something like this, it's not mine, but it is similar to my case with some differencies.

Image via

in the "FLUXION AP Service" window i don't have INTERFACE-DISABLED
and in the "FLUXION AP DHCP Service" window i don't have receive_packet failed on fluxw12v : Network is down

This is it,
if someone could help me, why i don't see any clients and no attempts, nothing is happenning.

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hello brother

im having the same problem with fluxion. when comes to the captive portal service get stuck. do you know how to fix that problem?

The same issue tried multiple troubleshooting steps but no luck
It will stay there forever

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